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The commonest thing which bothers almost every tourist all around the country is the food, getting food in the place where you tour is the major hitch, and one thing you could do to counter that problem is to plan beforehand, and this will help you in finding the right places for you to find foods at a reasonable price and also which you can go with all the time.

Nearby this fantastic restaurant is the Prague castle. The sheer presence of this Prague castle attracts most of the tourist to gather here at this very restaurant, and will definitely make your day out in Prague a memorable thing and hence the business has never been dull and the restaurant is quite busy 365 days a year. They offer some free services to their customers in a bid to expand their business and it is a welcome note for any tourist who visits this city of Prague. A common thing which you should do is to learn about the places where you can go for lunch or else it will be quite tough for you to enjoy your food. If you are not a native of the Czech Republic then you should do all the pre-planning before you decide on your tour of Prague.

Prague Travel


You can know all the details about touring Prague by just clicking the button your computer mouse. There are a lot of websites which give you all the information you need about finding the right places for lunch, dinner, and trekking. You do not have to change your daily practice whatever it is since you will get everything here in this part of the world.

If you are the one looking for the American style food then the lace you have to go to is the Ambiente, there you can find a lot of cuisines which will suit your taste. There the foods are of high quality and the prices are too low, for you won’t see the bill burning a hole in your pocket. The prices differ as the restaurants differ and of course you the prices won’t exceed your budget at any time. The east bank of the Vltava River is by far the most adorable place in this city of Prague and you will be thinking so at the end of the tour. The bottom line is that you will see your money being spent reasonably.

Prague Travel Tips

Hotel Accommodation

Prague is a place wherein there are people of varied culture and tradition. There are people belonging to a different class involving better social coordination exhibited in the most qualified format. The governing bodies present in these localities sort out the importance in the field of the facilities at these tourist places. Tourists can reach other European countries without difficulty through buses leaving from this terminus. Major European nations are connected to Prague by Eurolines. However, in some parts of Prague, the highway network is not established properly and some remote tourist destinations cannot be reached easily. Hence Prague is accessible from all parts of the world involving a better network of transport facilities to go by. Also, tourists demand good support from the governing bodies that could meet needs in a more qualified way. The city of Prague is also benefited with a lot of adorable landscape that could attract travelers who are interested in exploring the city.

There are several sightseeing places that could drag tourists from distant places. People possess a large interest in serving tourists. The famous sightseeing place in Prague is Prague’s astronomical clock. This clock is bound with a lot of historical events that could be cherished with great memories when a person witnesses this historical monument. This clock is also reconstructed in recent years to safeguard the important features present in the clock. World war 2 marked the early destruction of the clock. These damages were checked for correctness in recent years by the construction team lead by several Germans. European travelers were fond of this kind of clocks that seems to produce a better portrayal of history.

Accommodation facilities

Accommodation in Prague is easier since there are numerous hotels that are situated within the small locality. Also, the rates at these hotels are nominal with the presence of qualified levels of comfort. The locality is of social importance and has cultured people nurtured under moral background. The historical importance of the place has dragged a lot of tourists from distant places. Also, there are certain things that do have a lot of similarities with other famous destinations. Hence it is quite pleasant to stay in Prague. There are several five-star hotels that could accommodate people in a dignified manner. It provides exemplarily embodied accommodation topped up with the highest level of comfort. This makes travelers be delightful throughout their stay.

Prague’s public transport service is a vast network of rail routes, roadways, trams metros, etc. Tourist can buy travel passes to get around Prague by using any means of public transport for a stipulated period of time until which the pass is valid. The national carriers such as Czech airlines offer its services to many European nations and also various American cities such as New York, Toronto, New Jersey, and California, etc. Some private airline companies provide cheap air services such as east jet, Ryan air, BMI baby from the United Kingdom, Smart wings from continental European countries, Sky Europe and sterling from Scandinavian countries.